Bitter-Sweet Excursion

Saturday sidewalk,
kids, dogs, skateboards,
bicycles, packages
and all flavors of folks.
Gourmet coffees,
beans and teas,
dress boutiques
and garden supplies
a bagel shop and
next door delicatessen.

A world tour of
restaurants to
smell and taste.
All too familiar
for the two of them,
painfully so for one.
Alone in a crowd
of disconnected
people on hi-tek
connections in
one sided speeches
generously shared,
she joins the parade
with her I-Phone
against her ear.

Wanting to share
once more with
her lover, she dials
his phone hoping
his hands can answer.
Hearing his voice
she starts to share
where she is while
tears spill in lines
down her face.
So happy to hear
her descriptions
of when
they spent time
with care, that

at first he can’t hear
the tears in her voice
then he crumbles
with tears of his own.
Together they speak
of the wheres
and the whens
together again.

Embi 5/18/14

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