Beyond Repair?

She walks without regard for hell
or heaven.
Her soul’s tripping over sidewalks
grey with helplessness.
The space above our clouds’
become a dumping ground zero
left or right of stardust
falling backwards.

The circus left a trodden
field of emptiness,
the laughter lying
shattered in the grass.
The sun burst and bled itself
dry with humor
best left unspoken,
leaving silence crippled
with good ideas.

Everywhere the air turned east
and felt like saran-wrap,
smothering faith, hope and charity
in a glass embrace.

Wolves sang hunger songs
of children without
breakfast or a pair of shoes
to advertise the broken road
to early death and salvation.

Glaciers melting in
our fears of not enough,
help swell the tides
of relentless greed,
laying bare the breast
of our mother earth to the
carnivores of commerce.

Against the moon hour
habit pulls us out of harmony
with the present twisting
the path to the past
like barbed wire
around Tule Lake
and Manzanar.

Coastal waters gleaming
with petroleums’ sheen,
showcasing a variety of
carcasses preserved
in fossil fuel, left for
our future generations’
unnatural playground.

Toxic cities exploding
into the countryside
like molten lava laying
down a carpet filled
with terminal disease,
disregarded and denied
in gilded rhetoric,
surfing the surface
of pretense.

Cataclysmic offerings
grace our garden
of broken bounty
in protest of the
carnage crafted
out of wanton
disregard for
the spirit of the
blue sphere circling
a stellar gift
we still continue
to ignore.

Embi 5/14/14

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