Lace Architecture

Early morning walk
in the oak woods
with the sunrise
on the left, I guess
I’m walking south.
Tar, a black lab, and I
are chasing a sheeps’ trail
along the eastern crest
of the ridge. Rounding
the crest, the woods thin,
letting the sunlight
dazzle the dew caught
on the crosswork
of cobwebs strung
a foot above the forest floor.
All along the edge of
that ridge I witnessed
the night time industry
of the spiders’ spinning,
glowing like crystals
on the foot high network,
leaving the edge of the forest
sparkling with the sunlit dew.
I don’t know if Tar saw
what I saw but he stopped
and sat in the trail
as if he was struck
by the same magic.
We stayed a while like that.
As the sun climbed my back
the view into the forest
floor deepened, lighting
up that glistening grid,
until the jeweled macrame
faded into the shaded woods.
The weather, animals
and man all contribute
to the ruin of the shin
lace architecture.
What I now know is
that the night crew
will build tomorrow
mornings’ gleaming
latticework for whomever
chooses that morning walk.

Embi 3/31/14

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