Shall We

I came to the dance looking for you.

But not just at the dance,

there was one other place.

You’ve haunted my dreams daytime and night,

and it can’t just be by chance

that I’m still seeing your face.

The spell of the dream has kept me awake,

and I’m lost without any sleep

but you’re still all that I see.

So close when we pass, our shoulders could touch,

but I’m trapped by the secret I keep

and now it’s what’s hiding  me.

The bittersweet angst that kisses all thought

and helps to color the light

that serves to capture your stance,

keeps me in shadows both silent and still

where I could hide in the night,

but I came here to the dance.

To harbor a dream so far out of reach

that there’s no wind left for the sails,

nor will the calm ever find any peace.

But a storm might forgive complacencys’ guile

whose want is to have us all fail

while killing off passions’ release.

To wait in the wings without putting them on

leaves you with feet on the ground

but your fate gets left up to chance.

Just crossing the floor to be next to you

Can you hear/feel/see my heart pound

And can I have this next dance.

Embi 5/22/11

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